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A girl with a mind, a woman with modesty, a lady with classthese are the confessions of a hijabi girl in a crazy world...

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Disclaimer & other info

Assalaamua alaikum


I thought most people would use their common sense when it came to my posts on hijab styles and make-up reviews etc, but I have had a few comments which made me realise that I need to be clearer so people don't get the wrong idea...


This is a Fitna-Free Zone. All unkind comments or Taeer will be removed.

On my blog & facebook page I post many things that are for Mahram/women only events, so please dont assume that everything posted meets the conditions for hijab, as some of it does not.

I do most of the time write when something does not meet the 'hijab' crietria write it on the post but it is your responsibility to ensure that what you wear meets the conditions for hijab in public. I post ideas that I think look good or interesting and sometimes even to just get feedback. Wallahu Alam.


Hijab Conditions for Women:

*Everything but the hands and face should be covered (some scholars suggest your feet should be covered and some also believe your face should be covered [BUT NOT EVERYONE])

*Your hair and bust should be covered

*Clothing should be wide and loose so it does not reveal your figure.

*Clothing must not be see-through.

*Clothing must not attract attention (noise, colour, elaborately decorated)

*Clothing shouldnt be that which only men traditionally wear.

*Avoid bright/obvious/attractive make-up (very unsubtle) & noisy, visible jewelry

*Don't wear perfume outside the house (so people can smell you when your miles away and even after you've walked passed)

*Clothing should not resemble solely that which non-Believers wear.

*Hijab isnt just a dress code, its a mindset. Your beauty isnt only skin deep! Be modest in your behavior as well.

[Template of the message above has been taken from Hijabi Style Fashion Blog and adapted]


Please note: I review the items and companies to help brothers and sisters find out about new companies as well as help new Muslim companies get their name out there.

Some of the products I review are things I have bought, other companies send me the things they would like me to review.

I DO NOT get anything in return for the things I write and review in this blog (apart from du'as inshaAllah). The companies send me products to give my honest opinion on them and that is exactly what I do.


Please also note things on my blog which have been taken from a book or another website have a reference or URL links back to them so that you can get more information from the source. I don't try to pass off another persons work as my own and I would appreciate if other bloggers respected that and did not try to pass off my work as their own. This can be done either by not copying things from my blog (including wording and interview questions) or putting a link back to this blog on the page you paste the text to as this is just common courtesy in the online world.

All of the jilbab design sketches, canvas art, review images (of myself or my model wearing the item), hijab style pictures (styled by myself) are also my own and again I would appreciate if people did not copy these images and place them elsewhere on the internet unless a link back is included.

Anything you do copy MUST have a link back to www.ihijabi.blogspot.com

I cannot control what people copy or take from my blog but all I can say is we are all being watched by Allah SWT and we will answer to Him on the day of judgement.

Other images that are not mine will not have a watermark on it and most, if not all of these images have been taken from 'google images' so they are available to the public.

I hope I have made that clear and understandable, if you have any further questions e-mail me at ihijabi@gmail.com

JazakAllah khair for reading
Wassalaamu alaikum warahamtullahi wa barakatuhu