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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Silky&Lace occasional hijab style

Assalaamu alaikum and Eid Mubarak to all my lovely readers from around the world, may Allah bless each and everyone of you and may you all have an amazing Eid! iA

A sister e-mailed me recently asking me how I did a hijab style on the hijab fashion review I did so in this post I have tried to re-create the look. I have used 2 scarves, a silky scarf in a platinum colour and a grey vintage corture/unforgettable lace hijab, I have also used a 3 band elasticated pearl headband. All items used in this tutorial are from hijab fashion shop  however, I'm not sure if all the items are in stock. So here it is!

Step 1

Place the silky hijab on your head one side long one side short and then place the lace hijab on your head again one side long one side short with the lace side not cotton side on your head.

Step 2

Make sure both hijabs are at the same legth on the shorter side eventhough they will be at different lengths on the longer side (the silky hijab is longer than the lace one)

Step 3

Take the silky hijab around your head and to the other side

Step 4

Now put on your headband if you have one, although this step is optional.

Step 5

Now take the lace hijab around your head loosely

Step 6

And leave it on the other side (you can pin down to secure it at this stage)

Step 7

Take the silky side you just brought round and pin it under the short side of the lace hijab.

Step 8

Now drape the lace hijab across your chest & pin to the other side

Ta Da that's it, this is how it should look (=


If you have some hijab hanging over your shoulder with tassle's that doesn't look neat, just fold in the tassle until the hijab is resting on your shoulder & pin down. This is how it would look...

Here is another quick tutorial on how you can use two hijabs (I'll be using the same 2) but you can use any two to create a look like in the first picture.

Step 1

Place the 1st hijab on your head one side long one side short, and place the corner of your second hijab  on your head on the same side as the short side of the 1st hijab. Then take the first hijab round your face over your head and on the other side.

Step 2

Now take the long side of the second hijab around your head and to the other side.

You can now leave it hanging like that or even pin it down neatly, but it's as simple as that! And there you have it the finished look (=

You can add an accessory to jazz up the look a little bit more...

One tip I would give when creating a 'two' hijab style is use hijabs that are different yet complimenting, i.e. plain & lace, plain & patterened, silky & gorgette, lace & pashmina in complimentary colours. Don't use 2 pashmina's cos it'll look really bulky and if your anything like me you probs will feel like you can't hear anything or like you can't breathe lol.

I hope this was helpful, do let me know what you think of it and how you get on if you try it ;o)

Eid Mubarak again to you and your families.

eat. love. pray! 

Wassalaam xxx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Eid Decorations- Review

Assalaamu alaikum EVERYONEEEE =D

Hope you have all had a wonderful Ramadhaan inshaAllah, it's gone so fast hasn't it? Gonna miss it when it's gone ='(

I bought some decorations for Eid =D and I thought I would share my thoughts on the company I bought them from and the products themselves.

Eid is a time of celebration yet I feel like parents don't make it exciting for children the way christian families make christmas exciting for their kids, I always felt growing up that although it was nice wearing new clothes and meeting up with cousins, it was the same thing every year and as a child I didn't look forward to it the same way the kids at school looked forward to christmas.

Eid is the only celebration for Muslims and every religion is differentiated by it's celebrations, so I decided this year I'd do it properly, decorate the house, mini prezzies and everything!

I've been looking for Islamic Eid/Ramadhaan decorations since before Ramadhaan and only found one company that was in like Canada or something they charged £30 something for just shipping! And then I saw an ad on TV (prob's Islam channel or Ramadhan TV can't remember) for the muslim sticker company. I went onto their website and ta da, super cool Islamic decorations and party items.

Their website is pretty easy to navigate, however I did find that the checkout basket thingy kept playing up and showing items which I hadn't added to it or showing the wrong quantity of items in it, I'm not sure if it was a technical glitch or something but it's all good if you refresh/update your shopping basket. The prices for all items are very reasonable alhamdulillah, and shipping for the UK again is reasonable.

So what did I buy?

I bought some Eid Mubarak Banners & some Balloons (they didn't have much else for house decorations)

The banner was AMAZING! I took it out and my lil bro wanted to put it up, so we did, about 11 days early lol.

I know it says it's a large banner on the site but I didn't realise how big it'd be, we put it up in the living room for now and inshaAllah we'll put the rest up outside the house and around the house, the pattern is repeated 4 times and you can cut into seperate pieces so it fits. It's really bright & colourful and super quality, could use them again next year!

Price? Like I said really reasonable...
£2.50 for 1 pack
£7.00 for 3 packs
£11.00 for 5 packs

The next thing I bought was 2 packs of Eid Mubarak balloons.

I haven't taken them out or used them yet but here is the description from their website
10 per pack
Premium Quality Large balloons.
Double Sided Print 'Eid Mubarak' in English and Arabic.
In 7 dazzling colours - red, blue green, lilac, pink, gold and yellow
Price?  £2.00 for a pack of 10, which again I think is super!

The customer service is very good mashaAllah, I recieved e-mails telling me when my products had been shipped and they also made the effort to ask how I heard about them and reassure me that I would recieve the products in a day or two.

Alhamdulillah the delivery was very good! I think it arrived in 2 days, everything was packaged properly and all in all I am one happy customer.

I definitely reccomend this company to everyone, they're very trustworthy and honest especially with things like pricing, their products are worth your money

They have loads of cools stuff for kids on their website, not only decorations but educational materials and encouraging stickers. I hope this compan continues to grow and May Allah bless all the brothers & sisters working for The Muslim Sticker Company for coming up with such innovative ideas to make children excited about Islam again! I also hope that they produce more Eid decorations and party items because InshaAllah I will be ordering from them again (=

I know Eid is like 2/3 days away and Monday is bank holiday so you probs wont get your products by Eid if you order now but you could always stock up for Eid al Adha? Apologies I really should have uploaded this review a while ago )=

Anyhoo peeps that's it and here is a link to the website:


And their facebook page =D



Cold and dark
Numb and hollow
Don’t look around
Keep my eyes closed
Keep my head down
A ray of sun beams into the emptiness
Lift me off the ground
And I’m soaring
Through the sky
I’m soaring
Rules of my own have been broken
Like the rules of gravity I have broken
I fear I’m falling
Blinded by the happiness
And I fear
The day the lightning strikes
And I’m broken
Like a bullet shattering glass
I’m broken
Fragments of my heart are floating
And I’m falling
Into the darkness again
I’m falling through the empty space
I’m falling and I fear
The silence when my heart makes no sound
And I fear
The tears and pain when I hit the ground.

Written by

Sands of Time

I sit here on my prayer rug listening to the clocks tick tocking away
Is it the begining or the end of another day?
Like sand though my fingers, time will pass until it's gone
I listen

...Tick Tock

The seconds sprint on

My marathon comes closer to the finishing line
To when it will end I am blind

For only Allah the All Mighty knows our expiry date
not a moment earlier
nor a fraction of a second late

I'm afraid yet hopeful of where I will rank
My dream is to be in the highest of Jannah to be quite frank

This race is about winning not the taking part that counts
Forget your status & wealth
It'll be your mountain of good deeds that amounts

Death is the only certainty of life, that is well known
Shaytaan tries to make your forget
don't be decieved, there is no philosopher's stone

I pray that as I cross the finishing line
The shahada escapes my lips, a feeling so sublime
You see as Muslims we don't try to escape death
The time we're given in the dunya is nothing but a test

Truth be told I'm not afraid of dying
I'm afraid of not doing enough to please Allah
To think that I have, to myself I'd be lying.

Oh Allah grant me a place in your gardens beneath which rivers flow
Make my heart pure, make my love for you glow
Save me from the torment of the fire where I wish not to burn
To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.
Written by

My perfect imperfections

I am happy being me I'd have it no other way
I know I'm not perfect & I try my best to keep my demons at bay

I look around at women wishing to turn back the hands of time
Spend their lives dieting, piling on make up ...
...'I feel ugly' they'll whine

Wrinkle free creams and botox galore
Nose job, lip plump, tummy tuck,
no pain no gain no facial expressions
but what's it all for?

You look at us veiled pearls and think we need liberating
I reckon those in the clutches of Sir Prada and Mr Dior
are the ones that need saving

I feel quite sad when I think about my sisters in humanity
Using and abusing their bodies all in the name of vanity
Do they not know this shell that our souls live in is a gift from above?
One day it will bear witness against us, how we didn't treat it with love

I don't need the filthy compliments from men to make me feel complete
The blessings from my Lord are more than enough
To Him no man can ever compete

It's beyond me how a woman can feel good when being treated like dirt
To satisfy their desires, with you they flirt

It's time you realised the reason they say you're beautiful
They stick you in car ad's and billboards
only to make their income more fruitful

My sister I'm afraid you've been decieved
If you want to be free from this oppression
then it's time you believed

Save your beauty for a man whose heart is pure clean
The only ONE that is deserving
For if he is God fearing you'll be treated like his queen

He's mezmorised by every line, wrinkle and scar
It reminds him to appreciate the journey of your life
the path that brought you together

Your love, your compassion, you intellect and wisdom is what he should seek
That's the beauty that never fades
The other is only skin deep

So, alhamadulillah I am happy being me
My perfect imperfections are what makes me me
Love me or hate me, your words and comments don't faze me
I'm a woman of Islam,
and that's what's liberating believe me!
Written by

Saturday, 20 August 2011

OOTD- Iftar with friends


I'm going to my friends house for iftar today =D yaaay! We'll be making some more 'how to vid's' whilst we're preparing inshaAllah and my closest friends from college will be there too iA, haven't seen them for absolutely ages (everyones always busy with uni & work )= ) anyhoo here is my outfit of the day!

Hijab- Hijab Fashion Shop, [called pink flourish crinkle hijab I think] <3 (price: £5.99)

Jilbab- Larein by Lawung (GPU '08) (price: £35)

Grey cardi- Nags Head Market (price: can be found for a fiver in most markets)

Jacket- New Look (price: £25 with student discount)

Heart brooch- Pearl Daisy (price: 'Gift from friend')

White & Black lace flower corsage- Ornate (facebook) (price: FREEE =D lol it was a gift from hana)

Pink, white, purple, black mexican head band- Some random shop that was closing down in Wood Green. (price: 50p or something like that)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Inspirational Muslims of today- Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali legendary boxer who converted to Islam.....

This guy has given some very inspirational speeches but doesn't  have a great track record in terms of his marital & personal life but Allahu alam [Allah knows best], so this post isn't going to be about his biography or his life because I'd rather not reveal his flaws, Allah is Most Merciful & Most Forgiving, but it will be about inspirational things he has said about Islam that really make you think.

Muhammad Ali

Interview with Muhammad Ali

The following incident took place during an interview with the world famous boxer, Muhammad Ali.

It all started with an innocent question: You have beaten some of the toughest men in the world in the ring. What scares you the most?
Ali: [Points to his wife, to much laughter]

Lonnie Ali: Come on, Muhammad, joking aside, tell them what really scares you.

Ali: Nothing.

Lonnie Ali: Nothing on this earth maybe, but ... tell them Muhammad.
[There is a long pause]

Ali: Not going to heaven.
[Everyone present became silent. Sister Lonnie Ali had tears flowing down her cheeks. Others present were also shaken and silent. A few wiping their eyes. Br. Malik Mujahid broke the silence, patting Muhammad Ali on his arm.]

Malik Mujahid: "No, Insha Allah, you will enter Jannah because you have helped so many people."

Ali: [Muhammad Ali turned his face towards Br. Malik Mujahid, looking at him as though asking: Are you sure? Are you sure about yourself?]

Malik Mujahid: "The Mumin lives between hope and fear."

Where as the toughest man in the world is wondering about his place in Jannah, what do you think about yourself. Will you go to Jannah? Its a question which everyone must ask himself and herself. A good answer may help us focus on the everlasting life.

We pray to Allah for the best of both worlds. If we want Allah to give us the best, we will have to strive for it.

Source: Extracted from the article "Will Muhammad Ali go to Jannah?" by Soundvision.com
Muhammad Ali's advice to his daughters

The following incident took place when Muhammad Ali's daughters arrived at his home wearing clothes that were not modest. Here is the story as told by one of his daughters:

When we finally arrived, the chauffeur escorted my younger sister, Laila, and me up to my father's suite. As usual, he was hiding behind the door waiting to scare us. We exchanged many hugs and kisses as we could possibly give in one day.

My father took a good look at us. Then he sat me down on his lap and said something that I will never forget. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Hana, everything that God made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers and layers of rock. You've got to work hard to get to them."

He looked at me with serious eyes. "Your body is sacred. You're far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too." Source: Taken from the book: More Than A Hero: Muhammad Ali's Life Lessons Through His Daughter's Eyes.
*Last 2 quotes via -iSister facebook-*
I don't
smoke but I keep a
Match Box in my

When my heart slips
.........towards a sin,
I burn a Match stick &
Heat my palm,

Then I say to myself,
Ali You cant bear even
this Heat,
How would You bear The
unbearable heat of Hell?

What's wrong with miniskirts? Muhammad Ali answers!

Inspirational Muslims of today- Ali Ardekani aka Baba Ali

Now I know you've heard of Baba Ali, if you're a Muslim & you have the Internet then you almost certainly have heard of him! Baba Ali is on our Inspirational Muslims of Today list because he truly is inspirational mashaAllah. Through his video's he has inspired many young Muslims to better themselves and understand other people's perspectives in difficult situations whether they be your spouse or your parents...he continues to inspire many Muslims through his video's, web conferences and other various projects like HalfourDeen.

 Ali Ardekani aka Baba Ali


Baba Ali (Ali Ardekani) is the co-founder (along with Mahdi Ahmad) of UmmahFilms, a Muslim film company that has produced a web series including the "Reminder" series and "Ask Baba Ali" series. Though of Muslim heritage, he was originally irreligious and accepted Islam after studying many religions, including wicca.

A worker in the IT field by profession in California, Ardekani quickly rose to prominence within the online Muslim community with Ummah films that claim Islam is the best religion in the West and discuss various Islamic topics. Using humor, Baba Ali's work has found its way to television on the Islam Channel (Broadcast in the UK) and he has become a frequent guest at various Muslim conferences and events (Including the ICNA-MAS convention and Evening of Inspiration). His efforts have been featured in The New York Times and USA Today. Baba Ali recently launched his latest project, Half Our Deen, to help Muslims get married. currently writing the screenplay for a full length film.

His films have grown widely popular on Youtube, gaining over 10 million views.
Ali has also designed two board games, Mecca to Medina (a game about trading and negotiating, invented by Ali as an Islamic-themed game that can be played by all religions) and Kalimaat.


Baba Ali was raised in a secular Iranian family in America. Baba Ali said in one of his interviews that the only one that used to pray in his family was his grandmother, but that he thought it was a cultural thing to do. He converted to Islam "on Christmas" when he was 20 years old after attending a Muslim event. He is a practicing and observant Muslim


Ask Baba Ali Series

  • My Brother Has a Girlfriend
  • Worrying & Aging Sister
  • Little Backbiter
  • Randomly Checked
  • Racism & Pride
  • Escaping the Holiday Party
  • We're Just Friends with benefits
  • The Art of Complaining

The Reminder Videos

  • Half Our Deen
  • You Won't Hear That at Jummah
  • Marriage Interviews
  • Improving Muslim Schools
  • Why Islam
  • Haram Police
  • Pursuit of Cleanliness
  • Parent Negotiations
  • Fisibilillah Discount
  • Arrogant People
  • Ramadan Reruns
  • That's not Hijab
  • How Did You Convert
  • Who Hijacked My Religion
  • Culture vs. Islam
  • Seasonal Muslims
  • Distractions During Salat
  • Muslim Characters at Work
  • Muslim While Flying
  • $25000 Muslim Weddings
  • Spouse Online
  • Funny Things at Jummah
Baba Ali has also worked with Milo productions in a series called "Hurray for Baba Ali". Baba Ali takes a light-hearted approach to learning. The video is aimed at young children and the entire series consists of 13 episodes.

Here is one of Baba Ali's video's

So how and why did Baba Ali revert? Watch this video

Last video/audio I'm going to post is about how Baba Ali got married inshaAllah.

Next Inspirational Muslim of Today will be Muhammad Ali iA so watch this space! (=

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Inspirational Muslims of today- Myriam Francois-Cerrah

This sister was suggested by Omae Umma on the iHijabi facebook page, I looked into her a little more and after watching a few of her video's on her website I was convinced that she HAD to be on our Inspirational Muslims of today list, so sorry for those waiting for the Inspirational Muslims -Baba Ali post I promise I will do his one next ;o)

So who is Myriam Francois-Cerrah? Find out below Please also watch the video's of her at the end where she rally beautifully explains different aspects of Islam in relation to Muhammad pbuh.

Myriam Francois-Cerrah


Myriam Francois-Cerrah, also known as Emilie Francois, is a British actress of French and Irish heritage. Aged 12, her screen career began in Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility (1995) in which she played Margaret Dashwood alongside Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet. She went on to star in Paws (1997) alongside Nathan Cavaleri and Heath Ledger and New Year's Day (2000) in which she played Heather.

In 2003, following extensive research into the faith, she converted to Islam and is active as a spokesperson for Muslim understanding, appearing on BBC Big Questions (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)alongside Dame Ann Leslie, Beverly Knight, Rev. Peter Owen-Jones and others; She has also contributed to discussions on Newsnight(2009), 4thought (2011) , BBC News (2010), Crosstalk (2010) and documentaries, including 'The Life of Muhammad', presented by Rageh Omar (2011).
She currently works as a freelance journalist, with articles featured in The London Paper, Index on Censorship, the F-Word, emel magazine and more.


She is due to complete her PhD at Oxford University in Oriental Studies in 2012. She has an MA, with honours, in Middle East politics from Georgetown University and a BA from Cambridge University in Social and Political science.

Here is a little more information about Sister Myriam courtesy of emel magazine.

Myriam Francois Cerrah, Oxford University DPhil student in Middle East Politics, and regular contributor on current affairs, embraced Islam in 2003 aged 21

I embraced Islam after graduating from Cambridge. Prior to that I was a sceptical Catholic; a believer in God but with a mistrust of organised religion.

 The Qur’an was pivotal for me. I first tried to approach it in anger, as part of an attempt to prove my Muslim friend wrong. Later I began reading it with a more open mind. The opening of Al Fatiha, with its address to the whole of mankind, psychologically stopped me in my tracks. It spoke of previous scriptures in a way which I both recognised, but also differed. It clarified many of the doubts I had about Christianity. It made me an adult as I suddenly realised that my destiny and my actions had consequences for which I alone would now be held responsible. In a world governed by relativism, it outlined objective moral truths and the foundation of morality. As someone who’d always had a keen interest in philosophy, the Qur’an felt like the culmination of all of this philosophical cogitation. It combined Kant, Hume, Sartre and Aristotle. It somehow managed to address and answer the deep philosophical questions posed over centuries of human existence and answer its most fundamental one, ‘why are we here?’

 In the Prophet Muhammad, I recognised a man who was tasked with a momentous mission, like his predecessors, Moses, Jesus and Abraham. I had to pick apart much of the Orientalist libel surrounding him in order to obtain accurate information, since the historical relativism which people apply to some degree when studying other historical figures, is often completely absent, in what is a clear attempt to disparage his person.

 I think many of my close friends thought I was going through another phase and would emerge from the other side unscathed, not realising that the change was much more profound. Some of my closest friends did their best to support me and understand my decisions. I have remained very close to some of my childhood friends and through them I recognise the universality of the Divine message, as God’s values shine through in the good deeds any human does, Muslim or not.

 I have never seen my conversion as a ‘reaction’ against, or an opposition to my culture. In contrast, it was a validation of what I’ve always thought was praiseworthy, whilst being a guidance for areas in need of improvement. I also found many mosques not particularly welcoming and found the rules and protocol confusing and stressful. I did not immediately identify with the Muslim community. I found many things odd and many attitudes perplexing. The attention given to the outward over the inward continues to trouble me deeply.

 There is a need for a confident, articulate British Muslim identity which can contribute to the discussions of our time. Islam is not meant to be an alien religion, we shouldn’t feel like we’ve lost all trace of ourselves. Islam is a validation of the good in us and a means to rectify the bad.

Here is her website http://myriamfrancoiscerrah.wordpress.com/ which will keep you updated with her work (=

Inspirational Muslims of today- Sarah Joseph

I heard sister Sarah Joseph speak 'live' for the first time at the Artistic Jihad exhibition as she spoke about taking back our Islamic vocabulary from those who use it wrongly. As she stood there speak passion pouring out she was still very composed and very well spoken. From this moment onwards I was inspired, she is such an independant and passionate woman and she deserves a place on our inspirational Muslims of today list.

Sarah Joseph


Sarah Joseph is the daughter of an RAF engineer and a model agency owner mother. Her mother, Valerie Askew, founded the internationally successful Askew's Modelling Agency. Joseph was educated at St George's School , Hanover Square, Mayfair and St Thomas More School, Sloane Square, Chelsea. Her undergraduate degree was in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, King's College London. She commenced her postgraduate studies at the same institution on The Dynamics of Conversion to Islam.
Sarah is married to a human rights barrister. She resides in London with her husband and their three children.


Sarah Joseph was awarded an OBE in 2004 for services to “interfaith dialogue and the promotion of women's rights”.
She is listed as one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims by Georgetown University, Washington and the Royal Jordanian Strategic Studies Centre; and one of the UK’s 100 most powerful Muslims by Carter Anderson.
Her radio work has been recognised with a Sony Gold Award for Best Speech Programme for Beyond Belief with Ernie Rae; and a Sandford St Martin Trust Merit Award for All Things Considered with Roy Jenkins.

More detailed bio courtesy of Sareera.org

Sarah Joseph is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of emel, a dynamic Muslim lifestyle magazine with distribution in four international territories and subscribers in over 60 countries. She embraced Islam in 1988 and has lectured on Islam across the globe since then Sarah has made numerous media appearances including the BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera. She has also appeared on the Doha Debates where the motion was "Is Political Islam a Threat to the West?" Sarah has written for national newspapers including the Times and the Guardian, and scripted and recorded for a variety of BBC and independent radio productions. She has a regular slot on the BBC's most listened to radio show, Chris Evans Breakfast.

She was a member of the Downing Street delegation in the aftermath of the July 2005 London bombings and was a member of the Home Office Task Force on a extremism following on from that.
Sarah has acted as a consultant on Islamic affairs to both private and public bodies. Sarah was awarded an OBE in June 2004 Queen's Birthday Honour's List for services to interfaith dialogue and the promotion of women's rights. She was listed as one of the UK's most powerful Muslims in the Muslim Power 100

by Carter Anderson, and one of the world's 500 most influential Muslims by Georgetown University and the Jordanian Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre.
Married to a barrister, Sarah is the mother of three yound children.

Know of any inspirational Muslims that should feature on our list? Why not leave a comment below telling us who they are and why they've inspired you.

Next Inspirational Muslim on our list is Br Baba Ali so stay tuned for that inshaAllah!

Inspirational Muslims of today- Lauren Booth

I've been thinking of doing a series on inspirational Muslims of today but never got round to it, today  I watched a very inspirational video of Sister Lauren Booth's story of conversion, more commonly known as Tony Blair's sister in law, and I just had to start it, so yes here I am insomniac at 5am writing this first post of inspirational Muslims of today.

Lauren Booth

Lauren Booth is a half-sister of Cherie Blair and the sixth daughter of the actor Tony Booth with Pamela Smith (Cohen). She is the sister-in-law of former British prime minister Tony Blair. She was married to actor Craig Darby and the couple have two children, Alexandra and Holly. Her mother, Pamela Smith (Cohen) was Jewish although Lauren wasn’t brought up a practising Jew.

Journalistic career

As a journalist, Booth has written for the New Statesman, the Mail on Sunday, the Sunday Times and the Daily Mail. She is a vocal opponent of the Iraq War and a supporter of the Stop the War Coalition; a member of Woodcraft Folk, Media Workers Against the War and the National Union of Journalists. She has been a panellist on the BBC's Have I Got News For You, and a broadcaster on radio and television. She writes columns and features, mainly for the Mail on Sunday. She regularly reviews the UK newspapers on television for Sky News, BBC One and BBC News 24.

In both 2005 and 2006 Booth travelled to the West Bank where she has interviewed Mahmoud Abbas. She gave two speeches on the condition of those living in the West Bank and Gaza, for the Royal Geographical Society and Arab Media Watch.

As of 2010, Booth presents In Focus on the UK's Islam Channel, and Between The Headlines on the Iranian-owned Press TV.
In June 2011, Booth joined Cageprisoners as a patron.

Reality TV

In 2006 she was a contestant on the ITV reality show I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, donating the money she raised to charity Interpal (Palestinian Relief and Development Fund).

Gaza activism

In August 2008 she travelled to Gaza by ship from Cyprus, along with 46 other activists, to highlight the blockade of the Gaza Strip and deliver hearing aids and balloons to a deaf school in Gaza. Booth elected to remain behind in Gaza, and was subsequently refused entry into both Israel and Egypt. She said that she believed that, by refusing her the right to leave Gaza and return to her home country, Israel was in breach of Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, specifically regarding freedom of movement. Booth stated that she believes the "situation in Gaza is a humanitarian crisis on the scale of Darfur" and called Gaza "the largest concentration camp in the world today"  During her visit, Booth received a Palestinian VIP passport from Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya Booth left Gaza through the Rafah Border Crossing into Egypt on 20 September 2008.

Religious conversion

Booth appeared at the Islam Channel's Global Peace and Unity event on October 23, 2010, dressed in loose clothing and with a hijab, declaring: "My name is Lauren Booth, and I am a Muslim".

This is the video that really made me think her story is very inspirational. By watching you will also see that contrary to what the media tried to make her sound like (a blond attention seeking uneducated woman) this video shows what a lovely person she is mashaAllah.

So are there any inspirational Muslim women you can think of today? If you have any suggestions for more inspirational Muslims (big or small) please leave them in the comment box below or alternatively e-mail ihijabi@gmail.com

Next post will be about Sister Sarah Joseph another very inspirational speaker and CEO of emel magazine who also gave a very motivational speech at the artistic jihad exhibition. So stay tuned for that inshaAllah!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Winners & Runners up of 1000 Fans competition!

Assalaamu alaikum everyone,

So the time that you've all been waiting for is finally here, time to announce the winners of our 1000 fans competition! Firstly I'd like to say a massive well done mashaAllah to all the sisters that entered it was soooooo hard to choose one person from each category, which is why I've decided to post all the entries on here so you can all see their fantastic work. Secondly a reeeaallly big thank you to all our sponsor companies for, well sponsoring this giveaway and providing some amazing prizes for the winners. And last but not least thank you to Sister Shannon & Sister Sana, two of our iHijabi facebook page admins, for helping me choose the winners, really couldn't have done it without you girls!

Enough of my rambling now....below are the winners & runners up. Sisters that have won please e-mail ihijabi@gmail.com with your contact details including full postal address.


A (Create a logo & slogan for iHijabi)- Sharmeen Baloch

B- (What is your favourite blogpost & why?)- Nasmira Firdous

C- (Hijab photography)- Mehreen Akhter [Mini Mehreen]

So here are those winning entries!


Sharmeen Baloch won the logo & slogan competition for this category because of her use of bright & vibrant colours. The logo captured the essense of sisterhood, each individual sister on her own with her own personality & character is beautiful but sisters together make up the colours of the rainbow even more beautiful.


Asalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu

“There is no me, myself and I in Islam” (Dated: 6th July 2011)

I found the above article to be of profound significance in today’s scenario. Why do I like this post? The article itself is a very short one but made me ponder on the following points in great detail:

1) This Ummah is ONE. What happened in Srebrenica, in Palestine and the whole of Middle

East should concern us.

2) Its time to wake up and stop dreaming – our time in dunya is fast running out.
3) We should cut out satanic whispers and listen to what Allah has to say!

1) The article says you cannot swim up alone! Why? Because this Ummah is ONE.

“So sisters, let’s be among those who are not in loss, those who have woken up due to the mercy of Allah, and those who are not only concerned with our own akirah, but also of others.”

Many people tend to look at themselves as being independent of everything around them. This more often translates into “I’m doing well and so is my family, so why bother about what happens half way across the world!” Subhan’Allah! How could we not be worried when our Prophet (saws) said “This Ummah is like one body. When the head aches, the entire body feels the pain”. Our aloofness to the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters around the world is one of the main reasons for the entire Ummah being treated like pushovers by the kuffars. An Ummah of 1.6 billion is not able to defend itself or protect the modesty of its sisters. It is not because Israel or America has become strong. It is just because we have become weaker, without any determination or will to stand up for ourselves.

I got reminded of a verse in An-Nisa where Allah says, “So fight in the way of Allah, you are not made responsible for anyone except yourself BUT arouse the believers, It may be that Allah will restrain the might of those who do not believe, and Allah is the Strongest in might and the Strongest in giving exemplary punishment” (4: 84).

It made me ponder over whether we are completing the task for which we were sent forth – jihad fi sabilillah (fight in the way of Allah). It is important to understand the nobility of the word and to be proud of it. The term does not mean blow yourself up in crowded markets or place bombs in every other public place, which is sadly the notion created and impregnated in the minds of billions of people the world over-- Muslims and non Muslims alike, by the Western media. This jihad in the path of Allah is to defend this Ummah from being used as punching bags, to unite and carry the message of Islam and teach others about the principles so they stop misinterpreting Islam and its beautiful values. The problem is we have allowed them to design a certain stereotype and paint the entire Ummah with the same brush.

To unite as one Ummah and make people around us understand Islam, To pull back our brothers and sisters who are so far away from the truth to the straight path, and

• To feel the pain and anguish of our sisters in Palestine, of the brothers in Guantanamo,
and of families in Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere.

Every bullet being fired should make our insides burn. Every drop of blood shed by a Muslim should make us cringe. Every house demolished in Palestine should make us feel homeless and lifeless. Its not strangers, it’s our own brothers and sisters. We as an Ummah are failing to realize this and are therefore drowning together in the ocean called dunya!

The article talks about an interesting surah in the Quran where Allah testifies by time and says we are running out of time. I feel it is high time we advice each other to do good and be patient! Advising could mean anything from helping sisters understand the importance of hijab (which includes hijabifying the nafs) to stopping brothers from behaving like crooks at home and saintly outside!

2) Wake up those sisters who are still dreaming:

“At this you find yourself asking “why can’t I just swim to the top, I keep having to wake others up and help them!...”

Dreaming does not necessarily mean that we visualize something while asleep. Rather, it means we are sleeping in this dunya (by chaining ourselves to the depths of the ocean) and in turn losing out on the great benefits we could get in the akhira! I think its time we wake up and woke others up. I felt this actually translated into waking our sisters and family in the softest manner possible. Allah says to Moosa, “Both (Moosa and Harun) go to Firawn, he has certainly rebelled, BUT speak to him in a gentle manner...” (20:43-44). Allah is asking His Prophet (AS) to speak to the world’s worst tyrant in a soft manner, to a disbeliever, so that his heart might melt and turn towards Islam. Unfortunately, we are being rude and harsh to our own sisters, believers in Islam.

3) Cut out satanic whispers and listen to Allah:

“Those who have woken up due to the mercy of Allah”

This article touched the tip of the iceberg and made me realize that we need to cut out Satan’s stupid whispers by turning towards Allah, in turn receiving His mercy. I wondered: would we listen to our rival in college or an institution? Would we say yes and act according to his demands when he has humiliated our parents or forced us to do evil and indecent things. We wont! Then why are we still listening to the Satan who has done all this and more! Every time we allow someone else to drown in his/her sins by not stopping them, we will be held accountable. Why? Because we procrastinated and felt it was not our duty anyway!

Procrastination is a by product of the Satan, therefore we should cut out his whisperings.

A burqa ban brings a lot of hue and cry but I feel we should stop blaming the government. We only have ourselves to blame. Nothing is impossible with Allah’s help, but we are being neglectful and are therefore not yet worthy of receiving His help. We must point the finger at ourselves and ask, “When was the last time I prayed five daily prayers ON TIME?”

Every single delay in prayer we make could be the reason for a sister being humiliated in other part of the world. Every single time we don’t advice a sister or brother when she/he does something haraam, Allah is delaying His victory, waiting for us to repent for being so niggardly. He is waiting for His slaves to turn back to him, not one here, another there, but the entire Ummah of 1.6 billion+ together. We cannot be sitting back using the latest gadgets when our sisters are being denied even a decent burial!

Every small sin we commit is making us move far away from Allah’s noor, mercy and victory! For verily, “there is no me, myself and I in Islam”. Its WE! Allah will only give victory when WE act together as one Ummah and not as alienated parts of a body.

We should wake up; stop dreaming and rise together from the depths of the ocean with sisters hand in hand, smiling, with the banner of Islam flying high, with la ilaaha illallah on our lips! That’s when we have achieved real victory, a blessing and mercy from our Fosterer, Most High!

We are connected not by some gruesome rope that has chained our hands and legs to each other. We are in fact connected by a strong and powerful rope of Islam that can be broken off each time we sin and allow others to sin. So let us get our act together and bridge the divide, fasten the rope, throw away our nationalism/tribalism banters and rise for Islam, together, insha’Allah!

The blog post is a very short one but a very powerful reminder to this Ummah! May Allah swt guide us all and admit us in His mercy! Ameen.


We were really torn between this piece and entry 3 because they were both amazing in their own way, but in the end I chose this piece because of the sheer effort & research that went into writing such a piece, the sister not only read the post but also went deeper and analysed it as well as giving her own views & input on it. It's actually an article worthy of it's own post as it is very detailed and well written. Well done sis (=


The winner for this category was voted for by the readers on the iHijabi facebook page. The winning entry was one that we ourselves voted for as it fulfilled the criteria set.
Category A Runners up

Category B Runners Up

Entry 1
'what is your favourite iHijabi blog post & why?'

My favourite post is definetly the 'how to hijabify your prom dress''.
I've liked + commented on all your sponsors ;)

I walk down the streets with my head held high,
I see the sisters, all dressed up in plain sight,
My gaze lowered; pace, calm and steady;
Their stunning to all onlookers, fashionably ready.

I look around and that’s all I see,
Barely an inch of modesty
We Hijabi’s strive for respect and dignity
To be judged on by our personality.

This era that we live in; has double standards,
A sister wants to blend in, not stand out and attract attention.
So we grab our hijab’s; ‘pile them high’;
To differentiate amongst the crowd; we sister’s try.

At the end of the day were all women,
Determined to look good, but maintain self-respect.
So we try lace caps, shiny pins, big flowers,
Make our statement, we women aren’t oppressed!

Our hijab’s are like a crown; of great worth
Our dignity, respect, religion in one item.
Not a loose piece of material, but something much more...
Like a veil that protects us from society’s core.

So to all you sister’s out there, who need encouragement
Once you’ve worn it your not gonna look back...
Once you take the 1st step, your nearly there,
We’ll all stand by you, so cover your hair.

Accessorise it, and make it look pretty,
As long as your covered from prying eyes.
You’re like a pearl amongst the ocean.
Hidden and valuable, of great worth and beauty.

Now that’s the message, we sister’s preach,
One of love and equality, for you to reach.
So close your eyes look out and see the world,
And let it see you for who you are, not your appearance.

Grab that maxi dress, which is in right now!
Grab a long sleeved top and dress it up,
Grab that shiny hijab and pretty pins,
Grab that little clutch bag and the sparkly bangles.

We’ve got every right to accessorise,
Modesty doesn’t have to be drab,
Find your style and incorporate...
It into your life, and see what awaits.

So to all you sisters making it easier,
For us to look good and modest at the same time: Thank You!
You’re doing a great job, we need you!
Hijabi’s... we salute you!

Thank You ;)

Entry 2

My favorite blog topic: Hijab style's to suit your face shape

my favorite blog topic is  because i found that topic very interesting and very usefull. every women wants to look stylish and for that this topics help everyone that what style suits u best and how to wear hijab properly :)

Entry 3

Assalam Alaykum,

I would like to submit a written piece for the iHijabi competition,

So what is my favourite iHijabi blog post, and why? MashaAllah, I found it difficult picking out one blog post to write about. This is because all of iHijabi's posts are intriguing to read and many of the posts relate to me personally and are particulary useful.

But after consideration I decided to pick the post that was most close to my heart; the hardships of being a hijabi.

So why? Well, Alhamdulilah I was born muslim and brought up with good values and so on. My parents didn't really discuss Islam to me directly, it was a very much as we were brought up we went along with things. Alhamdulilah I always fasted and prayed, however as I got older my prayer became broken and I would go months without praying. I was never told to wear the hijab by my parents, only my relatives would hint everytime I visited I would get irritated at this and say InshaAllah. However looking back now I can understand their point of view.

Anyway, after a few years on/off the straight path, SubhanAllah my mindset changed and Alhamdulilah, Allah SWT led me back onto the straight path.

I found that my Iman steadily grew and with this I was reading more about Islam and listening to lectures and so on, you could say making up for my childhood. I was learning the foundations of Islam again, learning WHY we prayed. WHY we fasted etc. For Allah SWT and for the hereafter. Alhamdulilah I had a focus in my life again.

So this is when I decided to wear hijab, or even Allah SWT guided me to wear hijab. It took me a couple of months to fully start wearing hijab and when I was reading your blog post I was still at the beginning of this process.

I felt that even though it talked about the 'hardships' it made me even stronger to wear hijab because it was put in such a positive manner, and ultimately we are wearing hijab for the sake of Allah SWT.
Even though hijab is an outer garment, the struggles are all in the mind, the shaytaan. Alhamdulilah this blog post reinforced the beauty of hijab for me.

Alhamdulilah I have now been wearing hijab for 3 months and loving it!!

JazakAllah Khairun for your blog,
It really is an inspiriation for all Muslimahs.

Category C Runners Up

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Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Daily obligatory things we don't always know the meaning of


"Allah Hoo Akbar"
Allah is Great


"Subhana Kalla Humma Wa Bee Hamdeeka Wata Baara Kasmooka
Wa Ta'ala Jaddoo Ka Wa La ilaha Ghairuka"
O'Allah! All glory is due to You, I praise You, Your name is the Most
Blessed, Your Majesty is highly exalted and there is none worthy of
worship You.


"Aaoo Zoo Billahee Minash Shaitaanir Rajeem"
I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed devil.


"Bimillah Hir Rahmaanir Raheem"
Allah, in whose name I begin, the Most Affectionate, the Most Merciful.


"Alhamdo Lillahi Rabbil Aalameen Ar Rahamaanir Raheem
Maaliki Yaomid Deen iyya Kana Budoo Wa iyya kanastaeen
Ihdinas Siratual Mustaqeem Siratual Lazeena An Amtaa Alaihim Ghairil Maghdoobe Alaihim Walad Dualleen"
All praise is due to Allah, the Sovereign Lord of all the universes. The Most Affectionate, the Most Merciful. The Owner of the Day of Retribution. O' Allah! You alone do we worship and You alone do we beseech for help. Guide us to the straight path. The path of those whom You have Favoured. Not of those who earned Your wrath and nor of those who went astray.

"Qul Huwal-Laahu Ahad. Allaa-hus Samad Lam Yalid Walam
Yoolad Walam Yakul Lahoo Kufuwan Ahad."
Say, He is Allah, the One. Allah is All Independent. Neither He begot
anyone nor He was begotten. And none is equal to Him in any way.


"Subhaana Rabbi-yal Azeem"
Glory be to my Nourisher, the Most Great

"Samee Allahoo Layman Hamidah"
Allah listens to him who praises Him.

"Rabbana Lakal Hamd"
O' our Sustainer! All praise is due to You alone.


"Subhaana Rabbi-yal 'Alaa"
Glory be to my Nourisher, the Most High


"Atthayyato Lillahe Wassalawato Wat Tayyebato Assalamu
Alaika Ayyohan Nabiyo Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatoh
Assalamu Alaina Wa Ala Ibadillahis Sualaiheen Ashadu An La
ilaah illal Laho Wa Ashadu Anna Mohammadan Abdohoo Wa Rasooluhoo"

O' Allah! You alone deserve all veneration, worship and glory. O'Prophet! Peace be on you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings. Peace be upon us and on virtuous servants of Allah. I bear witness that none is worthy of worship save Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His chosen servant and His Messenger.


"Allah Humma Salle Ala Mohammadiyon Wa Ala Ale Mohammadin Kama Sallaita Aala Ibharima Wa Ala Aalay Ibarhima Inna Ka Hameedum Majeed. Allah Humma Baarik Aala Mohammadiyon Wa Ala Ale Mohammadin Kama Barakta Ala Ibrahima Wa ala Ale Ibarhima Inna Ka Hameedum Majeed."
O' Allah! Send blessings on our master (Hadrat) Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the progeny of Muhammad (peace be upon him) as You did send on our master (Hadrat) Ibraaheem (peace be upon him) and the progeny of Ibraaheem(peace be upon him). You are, indeed, Praised, Glorified. O' Allah! Bless our master (Hadrat) Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the progeny of Muhammad (peace be upon him) as You did bless our master (Hadrat) Ibraaheem (peace be upon him) and his progeny. Undoubtedly, You are Praised, Glorified.